Monday, March 8, 2010

Many Fraud Companies trying to offer websites for exorbitant money

Recently I came across advertisement in a newspaper which claimed that they can offer a professional website. No big deal about it, however, the company was from Patna so I got curious to find out what exactly they were offering, I was quite amazed to find out that they were offering simple HTML based website and they were charging money on the per page basis. When I asked the person what would be the cost to get a 15 page website. Now it was my turn to get amazed he was asking for 15000 Rs.
It was really disgusting to find such kind of people running business which is simply aimed to make fools out of innocent and unknown people. How come you can ask Rs 15000 for a simple HTML website even American Multinational like Hostgator asks for only $200 to design a professional website. But God knows anything is possible in India.


  1. Its good to know People of Bihar is worried about IT ebabled services. With new tecnologies people may get confused concerned about pricing. Ask TCS to design 1 page or 15 page website. They will charge not less than lakhs. Pricing depends upon quality not quantity. Behind every company there is beginer or readymade template like Hostgator or in other hand advanced professional or customized weppage as per customer need.
    The services and price may vary and we all had choice in our hand to choose.
    We may choose low cost chineese product or robust Indian one. See the service offered and how much we can get benifited instead of critisizing developments happening in Bihar . These people are leg pullers in development of oun state. Its our wish.. and Enjoy life..Really India is best and can possible anything..Nice surfing Bihar and jharkhand...Bye all ...Be happy

  2. Dear,

    I have posted a reply post for people like you read it.