Friday, June 25, 2010

Spoken English Institute - Patna

In last few years I have seen tremendous increase in the number of spoken english institutes in Patna. Some of them claim that they can help in personality development. It is beyond comprehension that speaking english can be helpful in personality development. The very fact propagated by these institutes reflects the snobby and conceited thinking of the mentors and trainers of these institutes.

Quite amazingly, some of these institutes are mutating into Management Institutes where they are offering 3rd rate correspondence degree and taking fees of regular course. Some of these dingy management institutes started in two or three room premises in places like Ashok Rajpath and Boring Road. Thanks to the manipulative and shameless business strategy they have made millions of rupees and now proudly operate as Management Institutes. When you talk about placements to these management institutes they come out with shameless claims. I am calling it shameless because they don't hesitate in showing the list of candidates trained by them working in third rate domestic call centers or marketing companies for Rs. 3000 to 5000 only. How they are able to show off such kind of placement list? For me it is really baffling . For those who don’t know I would like to tell that even 10+2 pass outs, working in quality International or domestic call center makes above Rs. 15000.
Even representatives of the present government seem to be hand in gloves with the operators of these spoken English cum Management Institutes as the political leaders from JD U and BJP are often seen in the promotional events cum seminar of these organizations.


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