Sunday, June 20, 2010

Website Providers of Patna

This is my reply post to a comment by some Electric Zone Patna,

No one is pulling anyone’s leg. Whatever is written about the Webservice providers and internet companies in Bihar is absolute fact, frankly speaking there is not a single website provider or developer of worth operating from Bihar. They all are into minting easy money by fooling ignorant people. The web has developed so much that anyone can have unlimited number of websites within the limit of bandwidth and space at very low cost. In fact, if you are efficient in using blogger you can have your website from google’s blogger for as low as Rs. 600 per annum.

Forget about designing a website yourself, even if you buy a website from top rated companies from USA they will provide the design template for less than $40 as long and you would not need to pay more for your website as you are writing your own content. Once your website is ready they don't charge any money in the name of maintenance, what they charge is just cost of hosting (space and bandwidth). In the online world distance from USA is equal to the distance of any decrepit office located in Boring Road Patna so why not buy directly from a US based company rather than someone who is using the services of server in USA and operating from Bihar.

The evil practices of Website providers in Bihar should stop immediately. None of the Website providers of Bihar rank in top 100000 of ALEXA, to be frank most of them are not even in top million ranks. ALEXA ranking clearly reflects the lack of quality and standing of these so called Bihari website providers.
I don’t want to say that Biharis are not having mark on the web. I know that there are some bloggers of Bihar who are doing great and have got decent rank on ALEXA (I hope you know alexa) but they don't like to be recognized on the basis of Regional Identity.
As far as internet business is concerned It is only Bihar where you can get money for listing in a below par online classified services like People would be better off using top rated classified services like WWW.QUIKR.COM , WWW.CLICKINDIA.COM or .

As far as someone like WWW.JHARKHANDBIHAR.COM is concerned, I am not able to understand the basis of their existence.
I am damn sure that sooner or later people who are paying it would wake up and make sure that they stop availing services from such kind of organization.

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