Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Truth of Development in Bihar

I have heard lot of people talking about the development in Bihar. Specially, in the last 5 years. Most of these development reports are published by Hindustan Dainik and Times of India Patna edition. However, the fact is that most of the people in the state are living the life in utter poverty and even those who are well off they are standing on their own, with little or no aid from the government.
Okay, many of you might start shouting that the roads have been constructed and developed. Sure , roads specially those which are located in Patna and adjacent areas have been polished and new flyovers have been constructed by spending huge public money. These constructions are just for show and reminds more of the ostentations of Kim Jong II government which is ruling over the hapless people of NORTH KOREA. Those of you who have seen the documentaries on Pyongyang and other major towns of North Korea, will definitely agree that all the construction and devlopment done by Kim Jong II has little to do with public and the shameless and shady polish and shine work has been done to hide the poverty and lack of proper living which is prevailing in the whole country.
It seems that Nitish Kumar is an ardent follower of Kim Jong II thats why he has done lot of polish and shine work which has nothing to do with the improvement of life of common people. People who were affected by the flood in 2008 , never got rehabilitated. Many of the victims of that flood died out of starvation. Last year several starvation deaths were reported but thanks to the hobnobbing with the media the matter was hushed up with cunning expertise.
The roads and flyovers that have devoured billions of Rupees are absolutely useless. The roads have been narrowed the flyovers are scene of eternal vehicle jams, even if you want to commute 5 Kms it can take more than 1 hour thanks to the new roads which are narrower than the roads which existed during the Laloo Rabri regime.
Poeple of Bihar wake up don't get fooled by a Joker who can't even control his emotions and often makes an ugly display of his anger and arrogance.

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