Monday, November 15, 2010

Reality Shows - Cocktail of Fake & Real - 100 % Drama

Indian Television Channels are nowadays giving overdose of Reality Shows. Besides, there is also much outcry over every show. Followers of Reality Shows are now confused exactly what they are watching is scripted drama or some real time natural incidents. Rahul Bhatt who was evicted from Big Boss season 4 , after coming out of the show is claiming that whatever we as viewers watching on the show is scripted. He said that girls are often asked to visit the confession room and there according to Rahul Bhatt girls are briefed how to behave on the show. He is saying on the basis of recent drams that took place in the house. He said that the proximity between Ashmit & Sara , Ashmit & Veena Mallik and Veena Mallik & Hrishant that took place seems quite unnatural , which is not possible in the normal way. Marriage of Sara and Ali, has already compelled the viewers to raise the fingers on Reality shows’ real reality.

Earlier , Indian Television viewers have witnessed the fake Swayamvar of Drama Queen Rakhi Sawant in Rakhi ka Swayamvar on NDTV Imagine . The truth of this Swayamvar became an open secret in the other Reality Show of NDTV Imagine “ Pati , Patni aur Vo” where Sawant broke up with Elesh , her FiancĂ©e, whom she selected in the Reality Show of Swayamvar.

Even after so many truths of reality shows have come out in the media , still followers of Reality shows are not discouraged, because one thing is obvious in these shows, either fake or real there is 100% drama where we can see how our so called celebrities are ready to compromise for money and cheap publicity.

The recent havoc of Rakhi ka Insaaf shows how for TRP channels are ready to cross the limit. If there is censor Board for Movies , there should be also censor for such shows, where Adult topics are discussed brashly with an Item Girl Rakhi Sawant , who has been given right to give judgment.

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