Sunday, August 8, 2010

BSEB Toppers- Bihar Board Secondary Examination Board

Recently I got chance to have conversation with one of the toppers of Bihar Secondary Education Board exams. She is a girl from middle class background, her father works in a class three job in government department. Her recent success in the 10+2 Board exams of BSEB has made her famous in the locality and even the local MLA came in her house to felicitate her. I have been doubtful about such cases of success in academics where there is no education infrastructure. It might sound callous but more than often, I have found that these toppers get their marks through cheating, rigging and manipulating the weak examination system. When I met this girl I found that she was hardly able to converse in proper Hindi and when I tried to discuss about educational topics she sounded completely unaware and ignorant.
I am amazed that how can someone get the precious title of topper when he or she is not having the merit of a simple student. This young woman is basking in the fake glory of achievement; my further investigation ratified my doubts about the current examination system in BSEB. The lady in question, appeared in her exams from a centre which is notorious for cheating, in fact the teachers help the students in copying. No doubt, expecting any kind of real intelligence and knowledge from such toppers would be my fault.
My advice to all the people in Bihar, don’t get impressed with these toppers and please don’t encourage your wards to cheat and copy in the exams. True education is more important than the title of topper.

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