Saturday, August 7, 2010

Retirement Age of Doctors in Bihar- 65 years

Technology has been going through drastic changes in last few years and people who are professionals 5 years ago might become useless if they don’t keep abreast with the new trends and changes in their professional field. This is the reason why most of the successful companies rarely carry the burden of their executives beyond the age of 50-55. If you are not the owner of the organization you are working for most likely you will end up leaving the job by the age of 50-55 because of your professional redundancy.
But, it seems that Government of Bihar is not able to understand this simple reasoning that’s why it has enhanced the retirement age of doctors to 65 years. The health infrastructure of the state is completely abysmal and without doubt the doctors working in the government should be blamed for the callous and careless state of hospitals and government clinics in the states. People who should be fired and replaced with young and competent professionals are getting unnecessary extension to plunder the taxpayers money. Quite ironically, just few months back young junior doctors were on strike because the emolument given to them was less than the emolument of peon working in a government department. Don’t forget that more than 80 percent of responsibility of providing services in major hospitals of Bihar rests on the young shoulders of these young junior doctors.

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