Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Patna Real Estate- Flat, Plots , Property

Last five years have been really significant for real estate markets in Patna. Although, the city has not seen any significant change barring construction and reconstruction of roads by the State Government. Despite of all the positive reports by the print media the fact is that this city is more of a heaven for illegal village migrants, encroachers and criminals. If you want to buy real estate in your name there are very few places where you can get legitimate papers for your purchase. Most of the properties are not registered with the municipality.
In the heart of the city, places like Boring Road, Exhibition Road and Gandhi Maidan boast rate of Rs. 3000 per sq. ft. to Rs. 5000 per ft... So if you plan to buy property in these areas you will have to get poorer by Rs. 50 lakh for a one thousand sq. ft. flat. Even the areas like Kankarbagh, Bhootnath Road, Rajendra Nagar are also having rates of Rs. 2200 to Rs. 3500 per sq. ft.
If you are a legitimate citizen and want to continue abiding with the law then it is really tough to get the right bargain for your new property in Patna. However, for those who, are shameless and love to flout the law there is ample opportunity in the city. According to popular perception at least half of residential plots that came into existence after 1980 are illegal. Most of these colonies are built on government land Some of the prominent residential areas are in Rajiv Nagar, Bahadurpur Housing Colony, Nalanda Medical College Hospital etc. Houses located in these areas are not having any holding number of municipality.
The biggest example of shameless encroachment exist in the flats of Bahadurpur Housing Colony where almost 95 percent flats have been captured by illegal occupants who haven’t paid a single penny for the flats of HIG, MIG, LIG. The prevalent rate of flats in this area is Rs. 2000 to Rs. 2800 per sq. ft. The present government claims that law and order has improved in last five years but the way these people are illegally living in the government property it doesn’t appear that the law and order has improved in the state. Ironically, there are more than 6000 flats in Bahadurpur Housing Colony but the number of people who paid any money for the flat is not even one thousand. Even out of these one thousand only 25 percent have made full payment for the property.
If you want to get property in Patna you need to use your mind otherwise your hard earned money would be wasted. If you want to have peaceful life at your own home then this city is not the right place as the basic infrastructure has crumbled. Thanks to the short sighted approach of the present government we have got roads which are getting narrower as new footpaths have been built around these roads. Power supply is in absolute shambles and I have no hesitation in claiming that it was much better during the Laloo- Rabri regime. The strategic reporting by print media may make you feel that crime has come down. But if you want to know the status of crime in the state then do concentrate in the internal pages rather than front page. Incidents of Kidnapping, murder and ransom which were published on front page are not covered by the newspapers who have got ample payment from the present government.

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